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Nunan et al (2018): Compliance, Corruption and Co-management: how corruption fuels illegalities and undermines the legitimacy of fisheries co-management.
Mhagama et al (2018): The Socio-economic Implications of Illegal Fishing Practices in Lake Victoria: A Case Study of Three Villages in Tanzania.
Nunan et al (2017): Community Cohesion: Social and Economic Ties in the Personal Networks of Fisherfolk
SALEHE et al(2017): Socio-economic Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour and Preference for Farmed and Wild Fish around Lake Victoria, Tanzania.
Salehe et al (2014): Consumer Preference on Value Added Products of Farmed Fish in Lake Victoria Basin, Tanzania.
Book Chapters
Mlaponi et al (2009): Status Of Lake Victoria Capture Fisheries, Their Management and Socio-Economic Development In Tanzania, Book Chapter in “TURNING SCIENCE INTO ACTION_ Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resources Management in Africa” Chapter 9,

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