Fishing under the threat of a tipping point A full-cycle, multi-methods approach to the Lake Victoria Nile perch fishery

This is a three year research project comprising research scientists in behavioral and environmental economists, cognitive and environmental psychologists, mathematical modelers, and fisheries experts to investigate how economic, institutional, and cognitive drivers could conspire to cause the long-term irreversible collapse of the Lake Victoria Nile perch fishery, a backbone of local livelihoods. Working empirically and experimentally, conducting field interventions, and integrating the results through analytical and agent-based modelling, the partners will together extend the knowledge base for a better understanding of the coupled socio-ecological system of the Nile perch fishery and for averting deleterious outcomes. The full-cycle, multi-methods approach and the insights so produced also inform future research into tipping points in heavily exploited socioecological systems

Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing as a Governability Problem: A Case Study of Lake Victoria, Tanzania

The study employed interactive governance theory and governabilty assessment framework to examine whether the persistent IUU fishing in Lake Victoria is a governability problem. The study revealed that the persistent IUU fishing is a ´Wicked´ problem that do not require the usual technical management fixes to tackle, but rather a better understanding of the complexity, diversity and dynamics and scale issues inherent in the smal-scale fisheries.

How Natural Variability Affects Risk Preferences and Cooperation among Common-pool Resources Users

The multi-year NATCOOP research project studies governance solutions for Lake Victoria fisheries and aims to understand how natural variability affects risk preferences and cooperation among common-pool resource users. Researchers from Heidelberg University and the University of Dar es Salaam with local scientists from TAFIRI have collaborated since 2017 to find solutions to the social dilemma of resource governance at Lake Victoria.

Economic and Financial Impact Assesment of Lake Victoria Fisheries

The study conducted between February and March 2018 to generate economic and financial information on the Lake Victoria fisheries revealed that fishing enterprises using destructive fishing gears such as beach seine and monofilament nets are profitable and this explains why their elimination has been unsuccessful. In addition, the studz did reveal that income earned by fishers per month is slightly higher than the minimum monthly pay for private and public employee.


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2014Fisheries Planning and PolicyUnited Nations Universit- Reykjavik, IcelandIcelandShort Course & Training
2013Competing Claims on Natural Resources: Managing Conflict over Natural ResourceWageningen Center for Development and InnovationThe NetherlandsSelect title

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2016Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing as a Governability Problem: A Case Study of Lake Victoria, Tanzania

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