Charles Amon Mashafi is a Research Scientist at Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute (TAFIRI) since 2009. He has a Master degree in Remote sensing and GIS from the Gadjah Mada University, Indonesa. During his period of study, he developed a strong interest in Geographical Information system and Remote sensing applications, especially in disaster management, Water resources management, Aquatic science and Environmental Monitoring. While working as a data analyst at the Gadjah Mada University-Jogjakarta, he used GIS and remote sensing tools to assess the inundation impacts on the coastal of Sumatra following the devastating Tsunami in 2005. The research involved field data collection and analysis of satellite images which were then used for the long term monitoring of coastal hazards. Mr Mashafi is currently responsible for the harmonization and management of all GIS and remote sensing data at the TAFIRI’s center in Mwanza. He is also vigorously engaged in collection of spatial and related data on fisheries, Water quality parameters, Land use and Land cover and Bathymetry. Additionally, he provides consultancy in site suitability for Cage culture investment in Lake Victoria, where he has surveyed and mapped more than 82 potential cage sites in the Lake Victoria. Mr Mashafi has more than 4 publications in peer reviewed journals.

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Position:Research Officer I